Wang Lianhui: Ph.D. Supervisor and Vice President of NJUPT


Professor Wang Lianhui: Ph.D. Supervisor and Vice President of NJUPT

Professor Wang Lianhui, was born in Anxi County, Fujian Province in December 1964. He graduated from University of Science and Technology of Chengdu in 1988, majoring in Polymer materials, and won a master’s degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from Fujian Normal University in 1993 and a PhD degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from Zhejiang University. From 1988 to 2005, he worked in both Fujian Normal University (successively holding the post of assistant researcher, associate professor, researcher, deputy director) and the National University of Singapore (as a postdoctoral researcher and an assistant professor). In 2005, he became a professor at Advanced Materials Laboratory of Fudan University. At the end of 2010 he started his work at NJUPT, acting as dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the executive vice president of graduate school, director of the Academic Committee, and distinguished professor of Cheung Kong Scholars. In April 2017, Wang was elected vice President of NJUPT.

He has long been engaged in teaching and research in the fields of photoelectric nano-materials, bi-optoelectronics and nano-biological medicine. He presided over more than 30 domestic and international scientific research projects, such as the National Outstanding Youth Fund, key projects of the National Natural Science Fund, the national major scientific research project, etc. Besides, Wang has published more than 200 SCI papers in such prominent academic journals as Nature and owns over 20 patents authorized both in China and USA. Some of his research findings won the first prize of the Award of Science and Technology by China Association for Instrumental Analysis and the second prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award. Prof Wang has also made great academic achievements thanks to his constant effort and great talent.


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