Zhang Zhihua: Vice President, Member of NJUPT Standing Committee of CPC


Zhang Zhihua:

Vice President, Member of NJUPT Standing Committee of CPC

Professor Zhang Zhihua, born of Han nationality in 1970 in Dazhu, Sichuan Province, is Vice President of NUPT, and supervisor of Master candidates. He graduated from East China Normal University with a BA degree in 1993, obtained a minor degree of Management from Hohai University in 2000, and received his LLM from Nanjing Normal University in 2005.

A veteran NJUPTer, Professor Zhang had worked over the years as student counselor, Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Youth League Committee, Director of the Student Affairs Department, Director of Study, Director of Enrollment and Vocation Guidance Office, Director of Logistics, Director of Technology Industry Development, Administrator of University Science Park, and General Manager of Assets Management Company, before he was appointed Vice President of NUPT.  He also took the honorary post of head of the Provincial Science and Technology Mayors, and deputy mayor of Kunshan.

Professor Zhang’s main academic interests are in Internet culture and psychology, higher education administration, and political education. He has in recent years completed about 10 province and state funded researches, and is currently working on two Jiangsu-funded researches. He has published more than 50 papers on core journals and provincial journals such as China Higher Education, China Youth Research, Jianghai Academic Journal, Jiangsu Social Science, Jiangsu Higher Education, and participated in compiling a general textbook. Several papers and The research results won the Outstanding Paper Award for Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities, the Second Class Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science in Jiangsu Universities, the Second Class Prize for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements in Jiangsu Ideological and Political Education, the Third Class Prize in Outstanding Achievements in Education Science in Jiangsu Province, and the First Class prize of the school's teaching achievements. Currently, he is the host of a key project of the Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund and a Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fund Project of the Ministry of Education. He was awarded the honorary title of “Jiangsu Province New Long March Assaulter” and “National College Student Summer Social Practice Advanced Individual”. 

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