Liu Chen:Secretary of NJUPT Committee of CPC, Professor, PhD Supervisor


Liu Chen

Secretary of NJUPT Committee of CPC, Professor, PhD Supervisor

Born in 1963 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, Professor Liu Chen was a representative of the 13th Party Congress of Jiangsu Province, member of the 11th and 12th CPPCC of Jiangsu Province, deputy director of the 12th Jiangsu CPPCC Science and Technology Committee. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree in radio technology by the former Nanjing Institute of Technology (the present-day Southeast University) in 1985, a master’s degree of science in circuit, signal and system by Anhui University in 1988 and a doctor’s degree of science in signal and information processing by the Southeast University in 2005. He started his teaching career at NJUPT in 1988 and was promoted to be a professor in 2002. Since June 1997, he successively took office as the vice director, director of the Department of Teaching Affairs and the director of Higher Education Research Institute. In July 2007, he became vice president of the school. And since July 2012, he has been serving as Secretary of the CPC Committee of NJUPT.

Professor Liu is now a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Electrical and Electronic Foundation Course under the Ministry of Education, editorial Board of the Journal of Electronics and Information and the Journal of Electronics (China), IEEE Society of America and Japan IEICE Society; a senior member of Chinese Electronics Society; and the Vice Chairman of the China Electronics Education Association, the Jiangsu Higher Education Society, the Jiangsu Institute of Electronics, and the Circuit and System Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics.  Professor Liu has long been engaged in the teaching of and research into network theories and teaching management with great achievements in these fields.

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